Album Review: Moose Blood – “Boston//Orlando”

Album Review: Moose Blood – “Boston//Orlando”

Mix something indie with something emo and raise it on the pop-punk of the early 2000’s and you’ve got yourself some Moose Blood. Their new double A-side release, Boston//Orlando is a pair of heartfelt melodic tunes ripe for the world, and pulls at the nostalgia of well written emo tracks of yesteryear.

Mooseblood has only been a band for a few short months. Comparing Boston//Orlando to their earlier release “Moving Home”, it is immediately evident the band is still growing as songwriters. Reviews of “Moving Home” positioned the band as a strong leader in the resurgence of new melodic acts coming out of the UK with its successful first printing’s strong sales. However, while it strummed up interest, “Moving Home” lacked a diversity of sound, or artistic depth to many of the song’s structures.

Clearly, Eddy, Mark, Glenn and Sam have learned something about writing music since then. Lyrics on “Orlando” seem desperately honest and confessional, and “Boston” plays equally as strong. It’s difficult to judge a band’s progression off of two tracks, but on Boston//Orlando it seems Moose Blood is tightening in on their emo roots and focusing on themes of heart ache and young love.

Mid tempo verses, with a slower chorus, bemoan a typical tale of a girl who doesn’t know how great she is and the singer who wants her to himself. Heavy influences from the likes of Promise Ring, Dashboard Confessional, Get-Up Kids, Pixies, Something Corporate, and Brand New (many of which the band is unafraid of name dropping in Lyrics) spill out in every beat to remind listeners of times when getting a date to homecoming (or hiding from the dance in the school’s parking lot) where the biggest concerns a person could imagine.

Moose Blood will release the 8″ double A side single Boston//Orlando via Fist In The Air Records and Venn Records (Gallows) April 21st. Additional releases are expected this summer, along with a smattering of UK/European tours.

 4/5 Stars

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