Album Review: Sum 41 – “Screaming Bloody Murder”

Album Review: Sum 41 – “Screaming Bloody Murder”

For Deryck Whibley, frontman and guitarist for Canadian foursome Sum 41, the song-writing process on the new album  “Screaming Bloody Murder” was something he said he had “no-control over.” Not in the sense that he wasn’t doing the writing, but rather he just wrote freely and had no idea what was going to come out. The end product? An album in which he poured his heart out into the lyrics and one that is personal, emotional, but most importantly, totally rocking.

Whatever you want to call it, the writing on this album could be attributed to the maturing process. After all, the guys are older and are now considered musical veterans. But it also meant taking that next step in their careers. I’ve seen bands try to come back and write another song like their “greatest song ever” off their “best record of all time.” Not these guys. In a recent interview, Whibley stated that he can’t ever write the same song twice and that he writes whatever comes out.

That’s what “Screaming Bloody Murder,” the latest album from arguably one of Canada’s greatest punk/rock exports, is.  “Screaming Bloody Murder” doesn’t try to be that “back-to-our-old-school-sound-to-appease-our-fans”-record, but stands alone as a solid album that shows us exactly where Sum 41 wants to be right now.

The production on the these songs are good, but it certainly helps that Whibley’s voice has seemingly gotten stronger. He still maintains his trademark vocal style, but he sings better here than on any other album the band has put out. My only criticism of the album is that it doesn’t seem to flow as smoothly as I would have liked. At times, the ideas feel disjointed. I don’t know if that’s something that the band wanted to do, but I found myself looking back to see what track I was on.

Stand out songs? “What Am I Supposed To Say?” and “Holy Image of Lies (A Dark Road Out Of Hell)” (and the ensuing 2 songs are good also.) Final verdict? It’s a solid album, it’s worth a listen or to if you can get past your “I hate Sum 41, they killed the scene”-type of mentality.

“Screaming Bloody Murder” was released yesterday, March 29th, on Island Records.

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