Album Review: Antidote – “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

Album Review: Antidote – “Thou Shalt Not Kill”

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All you trendy pussy bands take note- this is real hardcore.

Back in 1983, a 1000 copies of the Thou Shalt Not Kill EP on 7 inch vinyl hit the streets. Bootleg copies followed. Fast forward to the 2000s and an original copy of the EP would set you back hundreds of dollars on eBay. But now, thanks to Bridge 9 Records, the iconic EP is available once more, on vinyl and CD.
You’d be an idiot not to buy it.

This re-release is for fans of Antidote. There’s really not much point describing each track, as they’ll be nothing new to the ears of anyone that’s interested.

With the entire album being only 9 minutes long, there’s no time for messing around. Straight up one track into another. No stupidly long solos or instrumentals, just anthem after anthem of anger and hate.

There’s nothing to comment on technically (except maybe the really effing awesome riff 32 secs in on ‘Got Me On The Line’) because it’s just straight up hardcore punk. It’s not meant to be pretty or fancy, it’s just meant to be danced to aggressively.

It’s so raw and unpolished. What a shame no bands have this sound nowadays, in this age of digital perfection.

And BAM like a whack in the face, its over before you know what’s hit you.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your little piece of hardcore history.

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