Attack Attack! change their name to Nativ

Attack Attack! change their name to Nativ

The screamo band formerly know as Attack Attack! (the one from Ohio) have decided to change their name to Nativ.  Here’s what the band had to say about it:

“Greetings friends!

We wanted to take a second and introduce ourselves to all of you. We are Nativ!

Yes, it is true that some of us were members of Attack Attack!, but let us take a minute to clear the air.

As we’re sure you all know, Attack Attack had some serious shit happen to it through its career. Band members coming and going, tours postponed and canceled, and a host of other crazy-ass things that came with simply being AA!

I think you guys can all agree that by the time the final AA! tour came around, AA! had been looonnggg gone. We were dead on arrival. Having taken that into account, we certainly were not finished making music. Not by a long shot.

So where did Nativ come from?

Well, part of the decision process in letting AA! go came from working on an album.

Wetzel and Whiting had started writing for a new record back in September 2012. By the time January 2013 rolled around, we were demoing tracks with Phil and Tyler. By February we had a solid album starting to take shape.

During the months of April/May, we took time off from writing to say goodbye to AA! on our European and US headliners.

When all the touring was done and we had finally put AA! to rest, Will joined Nativ to help us finish recording our debut record.

Originally, we thought we needed to write another AA! record, but what we found out was that we really wanted to write an album that is something new and different. We really wanted to take a step in a new direction. Get a fresh start.

We wanted to make something that wasn’t AA!. Something that AA! could never be.

So here we are!

We’re very excited to show you what we have and hopefully you will enjoy this experience with us even more than you/we did Attack Attack!

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you soon!

Love and respect,

Attack Attack! last released “This Means War” on Rise Records in 2012.

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