Chaser announce new release: “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out Of Print Songs”

Chaser announce new release: “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out Of Print Songs”

Good news for Chaser fans!

The SoCal melodic punk band may have called it quits back in February 2012, but we thankfully have yet to hear the last from the fellas. They’ve announced a new compilation called “Garage Years: Unreleased and Out Of Print Songs” that is set for release on November 26th. The mammoth, 26-track set features (you guessed it) a bunch of rare tracks from the band’s earlier work, as well as a few tracks that have never seen the light of day.

Here’s what the band had to say about “Garage Years”:

It consists of 3 releases. Our very first Self-Titled full-length album (Tracks 1-14), which was recorded in 2000 while we were still in High School, but it was never officially released. We only burned a handful of copies for our friends and passed them out at parties and shows. Our second full-length album, entitled “In Control” (Tracks15-23), which was officially released in 2003, but went out of print soon thereafter since we only pressed 1000 copies. And lastly, the unreleased “No Hope” demo (Tracks 24-26), which consisted of 3 songs recorded in 2005. We’re really excited about this release because the vast majority of our fanbase have never heard these songs, since they were either unreleased, or went out of print long, long ago.

Chaser teamed up with Felony Records for this release, which will be available right here. Their last release was the Dying Scene Acoustic session they did for us back in August 2011.

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