Album Review: Crash of Rhinos – “Knots”

Album Review: Crash of Rhinos – “Knots”

Distal gave ample notice of Crash of Rhinos in 2011. Suffice it to say, Knots builds heavily on that legacy and amps the promise and range of the band up even more. Based in the UK, Derby to be more specific, there’s a flock of musical fortitude engrained in this record to boast just why ‘riveting’ is a short-sell of a word to describe this record.

“Luck Has A Name” toys with the indie/alternative essence that Crash of Rhinos are steeped in. In a Title Fight-like manner, it starts off bellowing and evokes a lot of emotional grasp, which again reminds of Distal. The progressive spurs that the band alludes to track-by-track takes noteworthy influence from Sunny Day Real Estate as well as Small Brown Bike and it’s quite a blessing in disguise.

“Sum Of All Parts” splashes around with an emo effervescence via a radio-friendly banter, especially given the marginalized tantrums of the drumbeats – cooing and torturous. The heavy vibe kicks in and then flushes into a track like “The Reason I Took So Long”. The latter borders on a faster, grunge-esque pace, yet balancing the threads of what makes Crash of Rhinos exactly what their fans love. Despite the length of the tracks, a bit dragging at times, “Lean Out” extends the formidable sound from the Brits – very smooth flowing with rock elegance. Typical British attitude yet without the average flair. All in all, the album hits the right spots.

Crash of Rhinos do fiddle with math-rock interplay from time to time and this exploratory measure is what adds to their resume as a band to keep an eye on. They’re technically sound and Knots has sentimental flavour that will be on a lot of lists come year’s end.

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