Dave King (Flogging Molly) drops Irish accent, admits he is from Idaho

Dave King (Flogging Molly) drops Irish accent, admits he is from Idaho

Flogging Molly frontman Dave King dropped a bombshell on the punk world today, when he suddenly stopped speaking in an Irish accent. The shamefaced King then admitted, in a perfect midwest dialect, that he is actually from Bonners Ferry, Idaho.

“I got the idea one day as a teenager, when I heard that Ireland, like Idaho, was known for their potatoes,” explains King.  “I had just seen the mock horror film “The Leprechaun” and for some reason I spent the rest of the day doing a horrible Irish accent.  It was annoying as hell to my family and friends, I’m sure, but I started to see the world differently and I desperately wanted to hold on to that feeling.  I just stuck with it and slowly I got better and better with the accent.  Eventually everybody I met just assumed I actually was from Ireland…”

King has promised that from now on, there will be no more cases of mistaken hometowns for him. He is proud of his Idaho heritage, even if he admits that he finds the lack of an accent to be rather boring.  He even stated that a Flogging Molly album sans the accent is already in the works.  Details on that can be found here.

If you believe this post, the Far Darrig has likely managed to eat your brain. Happy April Fool’s!

  1. Why would anyone from Bonners Ferry have a Midwest accent? Lol

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