DS Photo Gallery: Krum Bums at Punk Rock Bowling (Fremont Country Club)

DS Photo Gallery: Krum Bums at Punk Rock Bowling (Fremont Country Club)

Devo marked the end of festival shows for day one, and immediately I began formulating my plan of attack for the rest of the evening’s events. Across downtown Las Vegas there were punk shows going on, mind you I had tickets to none of them. At the Country Saloon, Detroit Cobras were playing with Throw Rag and The Muffs, while at the Beauty Bar, Kevin Seconds was opening for Gamblers Mark and Cash’d Out. Even though The Crowd and The Gears were calling my name, I decided to go see some old favorites at the Fremont Country Club, where Hard Pipe Hitters, Krum Bums, The Unseen, The Business, and Agnostic Front were playing.

Funny story here – before I headed over to the show, I stopped by my hotel to grab more drinks, and I ran into Mickey Fitzsimmons of The Business in the elevator. He was staying on the same floor as us. I asked him how he was doing, and he proceeded to describe this shitty ordeal of being delayed at airports and checking into the hotel and what not. Bummer, I thought, as I asked him to put me on his guest list. No go. My hopes were not shattered though, and I made my way to the club determined to get in, which I did, thanks to the righteous owner. I missed most of the opening band’s set, but got settled in just in time for Dave Tejas to spit beer all over us.

You can check out some shots from Krum Bums’ set here, and stay tuned for photos from the rest of the night’s bands in the coming days.

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