DS staff picks: Steve Kingston’s favourite releases of 2017

DS staff picks: Steve Kingston’s favourite releases of 2017

I returned to the UK towards the end of last year after spending years in Asia where there was very little punk scene. To make up for the lack of gigs I made it my mission to attend as many as possible this year; and what a bloody years its been. Some excellent shows took place in the diy scene here and there where some great releases. Here are some of my favourites in no particular order. Check them out below.

Bratakus – Targel Grrrl
I’ve been pretty busy lately so it’s not often I just sit and go through the discover part of Bandcamp. Luckily on one particular day I did because I came across Bratakus. Two sisters from Scotland and a drum machine playing snotty punk rock with an attitude. Absolutely brilliant. Listen here.





Sievehead – Worthless Soul
I’m not a huge fan of post punk but Sievehead‘s 2015 release Into The Blue is stunning. I only discovered the band at an all dayer at the beginning of the year and was immedietly intrigued. After going home and listening to Into The Blue I was hooked. It was hauntingly beautiful. This year they released Worthless Soul which had a slightly different feel to it but it was still just what I had hoped for. Unfortunatly the band are taking a break at the moment, let’s hope it’s not for too long! Listen here.



Career Suicide – Machine Response
Well…not much needs to be said about this. It is Career Suicide so it was always going to be good, and this one didn’t let us down. Belter of a record. Listen here.






Natterers – Toxic Care
I am not sure how many times I have written about Natterers but they deserve another one! Natterers took the UK diy scene by storm this year, and rightly so. Great music, great live performances and thoroughly nice people! I was lucky enough to see them a good number of times this year and each show was bloody brilliant. They band are taking a break from gigs to write new material. I can’t wait to hear it next year! Listen here.



Limp Wrist – Facades
It was a long long wait but this year finally saw a new release from hardcore legends Limp Wrist. I will admit, when I flipped the record over and listened to side B I was shocked and confused. I really wish they hadn’t done that! But I am going to ignore it and stick to the fast angry tunes we all love to hear from Limp Wrist. So yeah… excluding the last few tracks this album was a ripper! Listen here.




Young Conservatives – Non-Exist
Thankfully this isn’t a group of Tory supporters playing songs praising Thatcher. It is yet another excellent band from Yorkshire. The members have been in a load of good bands previously and they know what their doing. The vocalist is a great song writer and Non-Exist gave us 5 tracks filled with passion. Listen here.




The Domestics – Cherry Blossom Life
The Domestics released another ferocious album this year. Cherry Blossom Life gave us 16 angry tracks with the US/Japanese hardcore influences The Domestics are known for. Listen here.






Grand Collapse – Along The Dew
I hadn’t really heard much from Grand Collapse until they came to play a show at our local diy venue and they blew me away. Along The Dew is in your face and makes you want to start smashing things, and isn’t that exactly what you want from hardcore punk? Listen here.






Other great stuff from this year:
Target Lock – Demo, Feral Existance – Fear The Fucking System, The Kitsches – The Kitsches, Paranoid – Praise No Diety, King of Pigs – Fear Remains, Prolefeed – The Mass Forfeiture of Collective Responsibility, Wolfbeast Destroyer – Thrown To The Wolves.

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