Dying Scene Radio – Episode 5 – Band Spotlight: Decent Criminal (Bonus Interview w/ Shibby Pictures Founder, Jak Kerley)

Dying Scene Radio – Episode 5 – Band Spotlight: Decent Criminal (Bonus Interview w/ Shibby Pictures Founder, Jak Kerley)

It took longer than normal, but Episode Five of the new and improved Dying Scene Radio is finally here! Since the boys took so long to get us new shit, we made them pull double duty. So, jam those buds into your ears and check out the latest installment of DSR, featuring interviews with Northern California phenoms, Decent Criminal and Mr. Jak Kerley of Shibby Pictures at the Los Angeles screening of his newest documentary Baseball Punx. All of that plus, scene news, super rad music from emerging punk acts and as always, plenty of bullshitting (does AP call the lead singer of The Lawrence Arms, Brandon?). Git ta listenin’, below!

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Episode 5 Playlist

*Don’t wanna listen to these two schmucks blabber incessantly just to hear some dope ass tunes? We don’t blame you! Look for us on Spotify at Dying Scene Radio for a playlist of songs featured on the show. 100% asshole free!

Great Collapse – “Meltdown!”

*Bossman Dave’s Solid Gold Lock of The Week* – The Dreadnoughts – “Back Home in Bristol”

The Barracks – “Last Call”

Rats in the Walls – “Hopelessly Mediocre”

K7s – “Running Back to You”

Diplóma – “Lauralie”

Trivial Dispute – “Memory Years”

Baron Bandini “CarnEvil”

Decent Criminal – “Melt”

The Bennies – “Dream Killers”

Flangipanis – “Happier Than You”

Walter Etc. – “Gloom Cruise”

Clowns – “Destroy the Evidence”


Links to Featured News Stories

Rats in the Walls brutal new EP

The Wonder Years album coming this Spring

A Vulture Wake releases new LP

The Suicide Machines working on new material

Face to Face new acoustic album of new music

Dead To Me premieres music video for new song

The Larry Arms announce new compilation album

The Loved Ones Ten Years Since Build & Burn

The Gaslight Anthem 10 Year Anniversary tour for 59 Sound

Brian Fallon releases music video for “My Name Is The Night (Color Me Black)”

K7 released 2 songs from upcoming album

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