EP Review: Science Club – “Ska”

EP Review: Science Club – “Ska”

Earlier this year Science Club released Day Job, their debut full length about being an adult without any clear sense of the definition of the word. It was a fun, albeit kind of sad, album, with plenty of catchy songs about growing up. Flash-forward seven months: Science Club has now released a follow up to the album in the form of Ska, a four song EP that, despite its name, contains exactly zero traces of ska music.

Not a whole lot has changed here since their last release. Science Club continues to deliver two minute pop jams full of hooks and snappy one-liners. “I subscribe to a theory of strings; one simple snag can unravel fucking everything” from opening track “The Lord Will Have His Terrible Vengeance” in particular shines bright, although “Keep eating youth, see how far it can get you” (taken from “Punk Rock Is None of My Business”) is a close second.

If the EP’s Bandcamp page didn’t state otherwise, it would be easy to believe that Ska was compiled of songs leftover from the Day Job recording sessions. Science Club are still carving out their niche, but these songs also show that they are also starting to fit nicely into said niche. With only four songs Ska isn’t the perfect listen, but it does make for a nice companion piece to Day Job, which makes Ska pretty good in its own right.

3.5 / 5

Listen to Ska below, or download and name your price here.

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