Fat Mike paralyzes vocal chords in Japanese sex dungeon mishap

Fat Mike paralyzes vocal chords in Japanese sex dungeon mishap

We’d been wondering why Fat Mike had been eerily silent (no pun intended) on Twitter lately. It seems we might have our answer.

It seems that in the wee hours after a recent show in Japan with Lagwagon and Old Man Markley, the NOFX front man and noted S&M aficionado visited a notorious afterhours BDSM club in Osaka. That’s where things took a turn for the worst. Here’s Tsuyoshi Shinjo, spokesman for Sumitomo Hospital where Fat Mike was treated (and where, apparently, patient confidentiality is merely a suggestion):

Mr. Burkett was brought here by ambulance late last night with severe damage to his neck. The wounds were consistent with what we expect in a case of auto-erotic asphyxiation. Mr. Burkett had an inch-wide leather strap around his neck when he was found by ambulance drivers. Very reminiscent of what happened to Mr. Michael Hutchence years ago. I was a very big fan of INXS, so I studied that case very close. Mr. Burkett is thankful to have not met the same fate. He will have some lasting superficial bruising. Most serious injury at this time is that his vocal chords were paralyzed, and may not ever return to normal.

Ever the professional crowd-pleasers, NOFX have vowed to continue their Japanese tour with OMM. Soundcheck to this evening’s show featured the El Hefe crooned “Kill All The White Man,” and an extended accordion jam from Eric Melvin. Click here for crowd-sourced video of that soundcheck.

NOFX’s last release was last September’s “Self Entitled,” released, as always, by Fat Wreck Chords.

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