Gatorface upcoming album “Wasted Monuments”

Gatorface upcoming album “Wasted Monuments”

no-idea-records-logo2Gatorface has been working hard in the studio recording their new album titled “Wasted Monuments” which will be dropped on No Idea Records. We dont have the release date or any album artwork yet, but we do have the track listing and you can listen to the number one song “The Cleaner” by clicking here.

Gatorface would like to warn you that this album will be a bit more aggressive than their last album “Sick and Stupid” so don’t be surprised.

1. The Cleaner
2. Receivers
3. Luxury Lost
4. Not Scientists
5. Wasted Monuments
6. Armageddon at Eleven
7. Kids Stealing Kids
8. More Harm
9. Burning Crosses
10. Straw Bridge
11. Fuck Florida, I’m Moving to Brooklyn
12. Thanx!

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