Half Hearted Hero recording new music

Half Hearted Hero recording new music

Massachusetts punk act Half Hearted Hero are recording new music, which they hope will turn into a new full-length album. Here’s they had to say:

“Half Hearted Hero is stepping into the studio on Friday of this week to begin recording our next release. We have 8 songs this time, but with the addition of some of that patented HHH segue material we are hoping to turn this into a full-length. We will be posting studio video’s throughout the sessions and we will hopefully be posting a completed new song to the internet before the end of the month. I have no doubt in my mind that this will be the best Half Hearted Hero release to date and I’m very excited about being able to share these new songs with you guys soon.We will be touring twice this summer. Both of the tours are two weeks each and will be US only (we’ll get back to Europe soon I PROMISE!). The dates will be posted on our facebook this week. We also will be playing The Fest in Gainsville FL this fall, so if anybody is planning on going let it be known you can catch us there!”

The band last released a split with Deadhorse last Fall.

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