Hellmouth: 12″ Vinyl of “Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing” is out

Hellmouth: 12″ Vinyl of “Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing” is out

Ferret MusicHellmouth’s “Destroy Everything, Worship Nothing” was released on CD by Ferret Records. Livewire is releasing the vinyl. They are doing a limited first press of 666 hand-numbered gatefold LPs. 500 of these are on black, and 166 are on blood red vinyl. All copies will be hand numbered and include high quality gatefold sleeve and a poster insert.

Is the band pressing 666 albums in response to their recent protest by Catholic priests? Perhaps…

Regarding the release, Alex Awn, guitarist, said:

Hellmouth was immediately drawn to Livewire Records because they’ve always been about custom releases and attention to detail. We went balls-to-the-wall with this release…from heavy-weight vinyl to limited colors to hand-numbering all 666 copies to the poster insert and gatefold sleeve. Livewire came to the table with some cool ideas and everyone was on the highway to hell right from the start. We’re excited to work with both Ferret and Livewire and whether they like it or not, Carl and Ed are now part of the True Cult of Hellmouth.

The band has some upcoming shows. Take a look at the Dying Scene Shows page to see if they are playing in your town.

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