Help Ryan from Off With Their Heads pay for his throat surgery

Help Ryan from Off With Their Heads pay for his throat surgery

Earlier this year, Ryan from Off With Their Heads needed to get surgery on his throat. Now, he can’t afford to pay the bill. OWTH is a legit punk band, and a pretty damn good one at that,  and he needs your help to be able to make more records. The singer released this statement, asking for help:

Hey. I recently had a surgery on the ol’ throat box that I couldn’t/cant afford. I hate asking for help with anything, but I’m in the process of doing a new OWTH record and don’t want anything to get in the way of it, ensuring that we can get back out on the road as soon as possible. I’ve been selling off all of the things I don’t need, and auctioning test pressings of 7”s we’ve done. A lot of people write and say they can’t afford the records, but would like to help out. This is that way. If you can, I really appreciate it. I’ll make sure and send you something as a thank you, no matter what the amount. Just make sure and leave me a note when donating by clicking on ”Include Name & Address” so I know where to send it. Thank you.

If you can donate ANYTHING at all, it would help. You can donate here.

P.S. he’s not flipping you off in the picture. His girlfriend was making fun of him.

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