Interview: Sharks discuss Rise Records, their most anticipated albums and how sweet Japan is

Interview: Sharks discuss Rise Records, their most anticipated albums and how sweet Japan is

The U.K.’s Sharks are one of the fastest growing bands in the punk scene, managing to have one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of 2012 while only having one full length of collected EPs. Luckily for us, they were happy to answer some of our questions about their experience. We talked about the feeling of being a young band playing with legends, what prompted them to pick up an instrument, their favorite places to tour, and [spoiler!] a potential split release.

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“No Gods” will be Sharks’ Rise Records debut, and hits stores March 19th.

Dying Scene (Tim):How would you describe touring in the United States when compared to touring in the U.K.? How different are the respective “punk” scenes?

Sharks:  There are more American bands for us to tour with than of those in the UK. I feel like the punk scene in the US has always been really strong and there are loads of great bands. We’re kind of suited next to these US punk bands and the British indie bands. Touring in general is a whole other world. My preference is America.

What was it like working with producer Brian McTernan on “No Gods”?

We had intensive few days working on the songs, he didn’t make us work our asses off, he made us WANT to work our asses off. He understood us entirely and it was very comfortable. The recording process was plain sailing, he knew exactly what we were looking for out of sounds.

Are there any songs that the band hasn’t debuted yet that you can’t wait for audiences to hear?

We’ve already started playing a few on this past tour. “No Gods” is really, really fun. And I can’t wait to start playing “Turn To You.”

What prompted you to choose Rise Records as your label in the U.S.?

Basically after just getting to know them as people and realising what they’re about and what they want to achieve. We only work with people we love and care about and those guys are the best. There’s big respect from both parties.

It seems as though some bands in the punk scene gain prominence within the blink of an eye, and having started just a few short years ago your band has already joined legends like Social Distortion and Fucked Up. Are there any words that can describe that feeling?

We’ve toured with bands we could only have dreamed of touring with when we were younger. And I’m very proud in the sense that we’ve actually got there, but once these dreams are actually loved out, one starts to see the reality of it all. We’re really into this band, it doesn’t matter to us who we play with. But in the same breath, we’ve been very lucky and I really am grateful.

Are there any bands or albums you find yourself listening to more than others these days? Is there any record in particular you’re really looking forward to this year?

I have a good feeling about this year for records. The Menzingers have probably already made the best album of the year. I also can’t wait to hear new records from Joyce Manor, Flats, Hot Water Music, Cheap Girls, Bouncing Souls. I think Bruce Springsteen had a new LP coming out too? The single is awesome.

You’ve described your lyrics as having been influenced by the poetry of Charles Bukowski. Have any other writers had such an impact on your life or writing?

Nah, Bukowski is great but I’m sorry now for name dropping him before. This question comes up in every interview. At the moment I’m really into Billy Childish.

I’ve heard it said that Australia is the greatest country to play a concert in. Do you have a personal favorite?

I’ve heard that about Australia too, I would love to play there. Japan was fucking amazing. I’ll say Japan, that was the craziest experience.

What drove you to first pick up and learn an instrument?

Dee Dee Ramone. Bass was my first instrument and I taught and trained my ear myself by playing along to Ramones. It was so fun and easy. I also had a bowl hair cut.

What does the group have in the works for after the release of “No Gods”?

We have a few tracks left over from the No Gods sessions we wanna use. We might have a split EP up our sleeve but it’s too early to say. That’ll be something to keep people interested before our next full length anyway.

Is there anything else the readers of Dying Scene should know about Sharks?

If you got this far down the interview, thank you.

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