Interview with Mark Lind (The Ducky Boys)

Interview with Mark Lind (The Ducky Boys)

Boston punk rocker Mark Lind of The Ducky Boys (as well as Sinners & Saints, Dirty Water, the Unloved, and Ebenezer Blood) was recently interviewed by Boston podcast Mutiny On The Microphone, and you can give it a read right here.

Lind shares some interesting hints on the recording process for the new Ducky Boys album, mentioning that “one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs is “Paint it Black” and that song doesn’t even bother having a bridge; it just repeats, repeats, repeats and ends. And we did a lot of that sort of thing on this record.”

The Ducky Boys‘ fifth studio album, to be released January 17th, 2012 is called “Chasing The Ghost”.  It is a long overdue follow up to “The War Back Home” from 2006.

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