Jello Biafra to reunite with the Dead Kennedys?

Jello Biafra to reunite with the Dead Kennedys?

California punk icons Dead Kennedys posted a mysterious update on their official Facebook page:

Jello Biafra is now currently playing many Dead Kennedys’ classics like “Holiday in Cambodia” & “California Uber Alles” with his new band. East Bay Ray, Klaus Flouride, and DH Peligro play all those songs too. Fans are asking – who wants to see them play these classic songs together again?

Does this mean Jello Biafra will be reuniting with the band for the first time since 1987? We’ll keep you updated.

Dead Kennedys released their last studio album, Bedtime for Democracy, in 1986 on Alternative Tentacles, shortly after their split with Jello.  Since parting Dead Kennedys, Jello eventually went on to form Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo Bay School of Medicine.  The rest of the band continues to perform as Dead Kennedys but with a new singer (Skip McSkipster).

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