Listen to Antillectual’s new song “Squatting Continues”

Listen to Antillectual’s new song “Squatting Continues”

jumpstartlabelAntillectual just posted a song that is going to be on their new record, but on a more interesting level, it is their first song with a dutch title. “Squatting Continues” is a rough translation of “Kraken Gaat Door”, and comes from a slogan of the Dutch squatting movement.

Apparently the Dutch goverment is working on a movement to make squatting illegal, but Antillectual wants to highlight all the benefits we have from the squatting movement. Like, for example, the start of many popular venues in the Netherlands. Not your every day song, so take a moment and listen to the the sunny side of the squatting movement.

By the way….if Dutch isn’t your 1st..2nd..or even 3rd language…go ahead and skip to 1:07.

Their last album, “Testimony” was released in 2008 on Shield.

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