Lower than Atlantis release new album, “Black Edition”

Lower than Atlantis release new album, “Black Edition”

British punks Lower Than Atlantis have released their new album Black Edition today, and you can buy the album .

The band chose to re-release their entire self-titled album, so the new release is actually 2 discs, which also includes 15 bonus tracks, plus a couple of live versions and covers.  You can find the track listing for Black Edition below.

Track Listing

CD 1

1. Here We Go
2. Ain’t No Friend of Mine
3. English Kids In America
4. Criminal
5. Words Don’t Come So Easily
6. Emily
7. Stays The Same
8. Live Slow, Die Old
9. Damn Nation
10. Time
11. Just What You Need
12. Number One

CD 2

1. Get Over It
2. The Reason
3. I’m Partying
4. Superhero
5. Sewer Side
6. Real Love (Live Lounge Performance)
7. Am I Wrong (Live Lounge Performance)
8. Strong
9. Wish You Were Here
10. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
11. A Thousand Miles
12. Here We Go (Alt Version)
13. English Kids In America (Alt Version)
14. Words Don’t Come So Easily (Alt Version)
15. Ain’t No Friend (Alt Version)

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