Album Review: Maps For Travelers – “Change Your Name”

Album Review: Maps For Travelers – “Change Your Name”

No Sleep Records always stacks more wins than losses in their roster and if you’re looking to chalk one more up in their win column, Change Your Name fits like a glove. Maps For Travelers packs a vast array of rock influences and genres such as hardcore, post-hardcore and many others, and boy, are they jammed in, in all the right ways. Don’t let this slip by.

“Matter Of Time” feasts on the partnership of Zach Brotherton (vocals, guitar) and RL Brooks (vocals, guitar) as spats of hardcore, screamo and many other diverse sounds come unwound a la Thursday and Emery. It’s akin to the good days of Victory Records, when even Atreyu, had great music out. This Kansas outfit prides themselves on their versatile shifts in the musical realm track by track and this record is no different. It also helps put their development from earlier material to the forefront. They’ve improved and it shows.

“Life On Repeat” strikes a chord that fans of Regress/Progress would recognize and once more, you sense their musical distribution and growth has evolved. “All Your Friends” crams a nice melodic lull into a ballad-esque origin as the rest of the track curves into grungy exposition. And it works so well to further enhance just how far the learning process, while steep, has unfolded for Maps.

“They’re Learning Fast” crystallizes with an indie twist of trumpets, perpetrated by Brooks, to compound how unique they like to helm their music, and also to punctuate why they see experimentation as a must in their songs. That bravado is very commendable. Such a curve ball, yet it’s a godsend. Do yourself a favor and get hopped up on this. You won’t regret it.

4/5 Stars

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