Mest announce reunion with classic lineup

Mest announce reunion with classic lineup

Chicago pop punk act Mest have announced that they are bringing with the classic lineup of Tony Lovato (lead vocals, guitars), Jeremiah Rangel (lead guitar, vocals), Matt Lovato (bass) and Nick Gigler (drums) back together for a tour. The band writes:

“Mest was formed in 1995 on the SouthSide of Chicago in a town called Blue Island by the singer Tony Lovato and his cousin Matt Lovato the bassist. After touring the world for many years and releasing 5 records the band decided to part ways in 2005. No talks of ever playing together again had taken place until a couple months ago when Matt sent a message to Tony telling him his daughter was learning Mest songs on the bass guitar and she demanded he tell him. Through that one message it lead to the conversation of what it would be like to get on stage together with the original lineup and play a couple shows. Tony and Matt then contacted Jeremiah and Nick. Moving forward with all 4 members on board Mest have decided to get back up there and do what they always did best. Put on an intense and most importantly fun punk rock show. What the future holds has not been discussed. “The only thing we know as of right now is that we want to get on stage and have some fun” Stated Singer Tony Lovato.

Select Dates to be announced….

And make sure to tag all your fellow Mest fans and friends in the post as we’ve always counted on our fans to spread the word about MEST. Thanx” 

Mest last released the acoustic album Broken Down a year ago, and their last full-length studio album, Not What You Expected, was released in 2013.

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