Mike Kennedy (The Wonder Years) announces “The Exercise Doesn’t Suck 5K” charity run

Mike Kennedy (The Wonder Years) announces “The Exercise Doesn’t Suck 5K” charity run

The Wonder Years drummer Mike Kennedy has just announced “The Exercise Doesn’t Suck 5K” charity run to take place in Montgomery County, PA. The event will take place June 2nd and is limited to only 30 people. You can check out a statement from Kennedy and event details below:

Sunday, June 2nd, I will be hosting the first ever “Exercise Doesn’t Suck 5K” at a park in Montgomery County, PA. Participation will be $10, of which every penny of profit will be donated to the Agatston Urban Nutrition Initiative. This is an organization that works to improve understanding and apllication of healthy lifestyle chocies and nutrition amongst young people in West Philadelphia.

We’re gonna meet up at 10 am and run/walk/skip/crawl 3.2 miles together. Your level of physical fitness is absolutely a nonissue. While this is technically going to be a race, camaraderie rather than competition will be the theme of the day. Everyone is encouraged to go as slow or fast as they feel comfortable and myself and (hopefully) several other familiar faces will be back and forth throughout the “race”, struggling right beside you. At the end of the race we’ll have a small picnic of food so good, you would never believe it was good for you. We’ve all seen each other at shows throughout the years, so lets go hangout and do something good for our bodies and our local community for a few hours on a (presumably) sunny Sunday afternoon.

Email me at edsuck123@gmail.com if you would like to attend and you will receive a confirmation message and the rest of the required information. Bring 10 bucks cash to the park (that sounds sketchy), and we will have an awesome afternoon together. That simple. Space is limited to 30 participants, so no dillydallying.

This is not some fancy dancy, big production thing. I want a small group of us to have a fun and healthy afternoon together, that is all. This is a test run for a larger idea, so the location information will only be given to participants. If this goes well I hope to have a much larger, general admission 5K, later this summer, but for now, yeah. Permits are expensive.

If this sounds like your kind of event, please email. The Wonder Years will release “The Greatest Generation” on May 14th via Hopeless Records.

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