Music Video: Lemuria – “Wise People”

Music Video: Lemuria – “Wise People”

Pop/post-punk three-piece Lemuria have unleashed their first of two new music videos – this one for the song “Wise People”, off of of their Bridge Nine debut album Pebble. The video was filmed in Los Angeles at the Nomad Gallery in late 2011 by Paul Cummings and you can check it out in exchange for a “like” here.

Cummings commented,

“For the video for ‘Wise People’ I wanted to create something that reflected how I felt about the song; something simple, yet dynamic. I felt the best way to achieve this was to do 50 takes of the song, from 5 different camera set ups, all in an arc. To make an extremely syncopated video, with lots of cuts, coupled with the multiple cameras seemed like a challenge that would do the song the justice it deserved. I wanted to capture the painstaking process of practicing that a band must go through – running through a song 50 times, and then to show them perform that actual song that for an audience, seemed like a fitting climax.”

Lemuria will be releasing a special 7inch for Record Store Day this April.  More information on that coming soon.

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