Music Video: Pentimento – “My Solution Is In The Lake”

Music Video: Pentimento – “My Solution Is In The Lake”

Buffalo’s Pentimento have released a brand new music video for a track off of their latest album I, No Longer. The song is called “My Solution Is In The Lake” and it is the 2nd song on the LP with a meaning as deep as the title suggests. The band made the following statement about the video:

“We tried to show with this video the things that a person might hold on to when they’re at a breaking point – and how special those things are even in their regularity. The tiny reminders of how many great things actually exist. The golden yet nonspecific moments that we replay in our head for seemingly no reason at all. These memories we carry with us without truly knowing why – well maybe they do have a purpose. Maybe they hold us up when we don’t even know we need it.”

You can take a look at the video below.

I, No Longer was released on October 23rd via Bad Timing Records.

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