New un-acoustic songs from Get Dead

New un-acoustic songs from Get Dead

horns-up-records-logo1For those of you familiar with Get Dead, you know them as San Francisco’s leading “acoustic” punk rock outfit.  Get ready for a curveball though, because this acoustic band has recently posted 2 very un-acoustic punk rock tracks to their myspace page.  “Only Human” appeared on the Punk Rock Concoction Vol. 3 and “Second Look” appears… ummm… on their myspace page.

We have it on good authority that Get Dead have plans to release their electric debut on Horns Up Records late this summer or early fall.  The album isn’t titled yet but the band did have this to say about it:

Fueled by whiskey, PBR, And other illicit substances the sound and material on this album in my opinion is or best shit yet. Getting away from the more introverted themes and focusing on more white knuckle rock commenting on the scene (or lack there of) wasting full paychecks at bars, and going for broke in other aspects of get dead for the sheer love of hitting the road and saying fuck the bullshit.

Get Dead released “Letters Home” in 2006.

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