NOFX book in the works

NOFX book in the works

It looks like a book of NOFX stories may be in the works.  On a recent episode of Mike Davies Punk Rock Show, which Fat Mike co-hosted, the NOFX frontman talked about a lot of really interesting stuff but one item of particular note is a potential book of true NOFX stories allegedly in the works.

The dialogue between Fat Mike and Davies around minute 1:41:00 goes as follows:

– Mike Davies: And then, speaking of stories… You got a book, maybe, in the pipeline…?
– Fat Mike: Oh yeah, some guy is writin’ down our stories.
– Davies: Okay. Your stories or the band’s stories?
– Fat Mike: The band’s…
– Davies: Okay. And when will…
– Fat Mike: There’s good stories! When our drummer was a junkie for six years… good stories in there. Stuff he used to do to get stuff…”

So there you have it.  You now know as much as we do but we’ll keep you posted if more details come our way.

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