[open-ended] films releases teaser for “A Fat Wreck” (documentary on Fat Wreck Chords)

[open-ended] films releases teaser for “A Fat Wreck” (documentary on Fat Wreck Chords)

A Fat Wreck” is an Unofficial Documentary Short Film produced by [open-ended] films and Distraction Films.

Shot mostly at Punk Rock Bowling 2013, It focuses on Fat Wreck Chords, which, as you probably know, a San Francisco based independent punk label started in 1990 by Fat Mike (Mike Burkett) of NOFX.

Told mostly from the fan’s perspective, it tells the story of the label’s impact on the current music landscape and how it has shaped the sound and the scene.

The short film is being produced, shot and directed by Shaun M Colón the owner of Dang!Records and will feature music from some of the Dang!Records bands. The teaser features a track from Ft Worth’s Perdition.

Watch the teaser below.

Quick FAQ

Q: Is Fat Wreck Chords aware of you doing this project
A: Yes, well sorta. We have shown the teaser to Fat Mike and he has responded with “Looks cool”

Q: Why aren’t you using songs from Fat Wreck Chords bands???
A: We would love too and hope to in the future. Because of licensing agreements we decided to
use music that we have permission to use. Also the short is about how Fat Wreck Chords and “the Fat Sound” influenced contemporary punk bands and what better way to show that than using music that was shaped by that sound!

Q: When will the Documentary Short be out?
A: As soon as we feel we have put together the best film we possible can, hopefully within the next year or so stay tuned!

Featuring interviews from:
Ryan Greene – Producer | Engineer | Valdius Studios | Motor Studios
Mike Wiebe – Kid Chaos | Riverboat Gamblers | Standup Comedian
Joe Sib – WAX | Side One Dummy Records | Standup Comedian
JT Habersaat – Altercation Magazine | Altercation Records | Standup Comedian
Lisa Root – New Noise Magazine
Denise Borders – Punk World Views | Eyeboogie
Tim O’hara – The Lillingtons | Stabbed In Back
Dallas Tidwell – Red City Radio
and more!

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