Paper + Plastick Records having “$4-foot-long” spring cleaning sale

Paper + Plastick Records having “$4-foot-long” spring cleaning sale

Paper + Plastick Records is moving locations within the next month and are trying to tighten up inventory for the move. They’ve dubbed it the “$4-foot-long” sale. It’s a one-time sale, (starting March 9th at midnight) where select LPs are as low as $4 while 7 inches and 10 inches can be as low as $2. A statement from the label can be read below.

“Basically, we are going to be moving out of our current warehouse space within the next month or so and when you move, it makes sense to try to tighten up the ship a little bit. We want to do a “spring cleaning” sale where we give fans of the label and our bands a chance to buy many of the titles in our back catalog for much cheaper than you can normally get them. It can help fill in some holes in your collection and simultaneously help us relieve a little strain on our backs when we’re moving boxes into the new P+P HQ in a few weeks. We’re going to sell older LPs for $4, newer ones for $5, and 7″s and CDs will go for $2. If you order over $50 of stuff, we’ll throw in another free 12″ as a thank-you. Rock on.”

The sale includes music from The Swellers, We Are The Union, Rust Belt Lights, and Bomb The Music Industry. You can check out the list of everything being sold here. Check out the record labels website to snag these deals.

List of sale items:

$4 12″s

We Are the Union – Great Leaps Forward

Failure’s Union – In What Way

A Wilhelm Scream – Self-Titled

The Riot Before – Rebellion

Coffee Project – Moved On

Rehasher – High Speed Access To My Brain

Andrew Dost – Columbus

Landmines – Self-Titled

Landmines – Commerce and Marx

Tumbledown – Self-Titled

Foundation – Chimborazo

The Swellers – Ups and Downsizing

Stephen Egerton – The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton

Hellmouth – Gravestone Skylines

The Gamits – Parts

Rust Belt Lights – These Are the Good Old Days

Greenland Is Melting – Our Hearts Are Gold, Our Grass Is Blue

The Arteries – Dead Sea

$5 LPs

Have Nots – Proud

Reverse the Curse – Hither & Yon

Farewell Continental – Hey, Hey Pioneers!

Are You With the Band? Compilation

Riverboat Gamblers – Smash/Grab 12″

$2 10″s and 7″s

Gatorface 10″

Coffee Project 10″

The Flatliners/The Snips – Split

Bomb The Music Industry – Everybody That You Love

Saint Alvia – Joxer b/w Get Up and Go

Westbound Train – Come and Get It

The Swellers – Welcome Back Riders

Farewell Continental – Square 7”

Jon Gaunt/Greenland Is Melting – Split

Protagonist – States

$2 CDs


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