Album Review: Pentimento – ‘I, No Longer’

Album Review: Pentimento – ‘I, No Longer’

Inside The Sea was the EP that really shifted Pentimento from the tried and tested waters of pop-punk into more aggressive and snappy territory. While their new album, I, No Longer, is much softer and delicate in terms of musical pace and rhythms, it still feels like an organic growth plotted from said EP. What’s most recognizable is that the punk aspect of the band is mostly gone and they’re focused on an alternative style that really feels like a mash-up of two of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World, and newcomers, Sorority Noise. What ensues is a deeply personal and connective album that shows the maturity of friends that rarely misses the mark, no matter how they temper or ignite their sound.

Most of the songs feel like breakup songs or at least the dissolution of relationships. Melodic hooks and alternative riffs, as I mentioned above, lead the formative display of Pentimento’s quiet-to-loud dynamic on so many tunes. Twinkly and telling a la what Jim Adkins and JEW do. “Stuck Forever” and “My Solution Is In The Lake” are prime examples of this – morose, catchy and made for long road trips where your most vulnerable and pensive mindset emerges. While the lyrics seem bleak and brooding, they do pack a lot of optimism and remind me of Sorority Noise’s Joy Departed from earlier this year. “Gateway” signifies this and in fact, quite a bit of the back end off I, No Longer follows this route.

Depressive jams but like I said, spots of hope off Jeremiah Pauly’s lyrics (and on-spot, clean and polished delivery on the mic). Overall, it’s a drastic shift for a band that’s clearly looking to the near future with much more introspection and contemplation which punk just doesn’t seem to fit at the moment. But rest assured, when they need to rough it again, they can. And pretty fucking well. Recommended.

3.5 / 5

Listen to I, No Longer, below

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