Petition asks NOFX’s Fat Mike to sign The Offspring to Fat Wreck Chords (WTF?!)

Petition asks NOFX’s Fat Mike to sign The Offspring to Fat Wreck Chords (WTF?!)

This is probably the most surprising news that we’ve ever published. Earlier today, a guy from Ohio named Anthony Hudson created a petition that’s asking NOFX founder Fat Mike to sign The Offspring, who recently left Columbia Records, to his label Fat Wreck Chords. The description of the petition reads as follows:

“The Offspring recently left Columbia Records, which had been their label since 1996, and some fans have been questioning who will release the band’s next album. Even though the band has considered releasing new material independently, it looks like Dexter Holland’s label Nitro Records has become obsolete, with no new artists, no new recordings, nothing. If they want to release new material independently, they should join Fat Wreck Chords. The label’s founder Fat Mike and his bandmates in NOFX have been friends with The Offspring for over 20 years, toured together and seem to getting along very well. Singing The Offspring to Fat Wreck would be a remarkable transition the punk scene of today.”

Go here to sign the petition. If Fat Mike signs The Offspring to Fat Wreck, this wouldn’t be the first time the O.C. punk rockers had been labelmates with NOFX; both bands were on Epitaph Records before The Offspring became famous and moved to Columbia.

The Offspring’s last studio album, Days Go By, was released in June of last year on Columbia Records.

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