Playboy Manbaby release video for “Cadillac Car”

Playboy Manbaby release video for “Cadillac Car”

Photo by Jeff Schaer-Moses Photography
Left to right, David Cosme, Ricky Smash, Robbie Pfeffer, Chad B. Dennis, Chris Hudson, and TJ Friga of Playboy Manbaby at Lost Lake Music Festival on Oct. 20.

Phoenix, Arizona’s Playboy Manbaby will never be the sort of band that releases songs that are scathing and coherent critiques of western politics and materialism. They are far more likely to continue releasing tunes that are subversive and comedic satires of what they perceive society’s ills to be, and when they add in one of their frontman Robbie Pfeffer’s ridiculous animated videos, it makes the track ever sweeter.

With their newest single “Cadillac Car” off of their most recent record Don’t Let it Be, Playboy is trying out a brand new style of video, mixing Pfeffer’s insane drawings with the bonkers live-action video stylings of director Ryan Riggs. What comes of it is an irreverent music video highlighting the finer points of Playboy Manbaby’s ode to the American Dream. “Cadillac Car” is all about society’s excesses, put together with a little good ol’-fashioned Playboy Manbaby psychosis.

If Playboy’s last video for “Last One Standing” was their “Thriller,” this most recent offering from the sick and twisted minds of Pfeffer, TJ Friga, David Cosme, Chris Hudson, Chad B. Dennis, and Austin “Ricky Heylee Smash Dallas Lavender” Rickert, a.k.a. The Baddest Man on the Planet, is their version of Michael Jackson’s “Leave Me Alone.” Oh, and it’s absolutely fabulous.

Check it out below.

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