“Poison Fate” – For those of you punks who still read books

“Poison Fate” – For those of you punks who still read books

This isn’t exactly music related but some guy named Jeremy Stacks wrote a book called “Poisoned Fate” about a fictional punk band fighting zombies in a post-apocalyptic world.  Or something like that.  In any case, it’s got a bunch of references to punk bands like Bad Religion, Tiger Army, Bouncing Souls, Street Dogs, etc. so for those of you who actually still read books out there it might be an entertaining read.

Here’s a brief synopsis from the author:

What do you do when you find you’re now one of only a handful of inhabitants left on earth? Welcome to Remy’s world. He and a small band of friends and neighbors wake up one evening to find buildings, homes, and streets littered with corpses. Their town appears dead and they don’t understand why. As investigations begin and they struggle to find some meaning and purpose to their new lives, tensions erupt and new challenges and dangers present themselves. While searching for fuel and supplies, they realize they are not quite as alone as they thought. Remy discovers who his true friends are and what they are all capable of doing to survive. Is it the end of civilization or a new beginning?

Poisoned Fate is a fast paced and ultra-violent story of survival set to a punk rock soundtrack. Chock full of references and nods to 1980’s horror and disaster movies, comic books and of course, punk rock music.

The book is available on Amazon.

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