Rise Against to begin work on new album next year

Rise Against to begin work on new album next year

Back in January of this year, we reported that Rise Against had plans to to begin work on a new album, which they have described as “fast and screamy”, after they take a break from playing shows. Well, yesterday, bassist Joe Principe was interviewed by Absolute Punk, and confirmed that they will begin work on their new album next year. Here’s what he had to say:

“We have just a couple more shows throughout the year. We’re really focusing on taking some time off and regrouping, we’ve been touring pretty heavily since we started the band. But I’m sure at the end of the year, beginning of next year we’ll start working on a new record, which I’m really looking forward to because I think we’ll be so hungry for new songs after so much time off. I know for me personally I’ve been writing nonstop on my own. We’ll be looking forward to getting back in the room together for sure.”

Rise Against’s most recent studio album, Endgame, was released in March 2011 on Interscope Records. Next week, they are releasing a 10th anniversary reissue of their second album Revolutions Per Minute, and recently streamed a demo version of one of the album’s songs “Like the Angel“, which will appear on the reissue.

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