Rome Ramirez talks about upcoming Sublime With Rome release

Rome Ramirez talks about upcoming Sublime With Rome release

In an interview with, Sublime With Rome vocalist/guitarist Rome Ramirez discussed a lot of things: how he hooked up with the surviving members of Sublime, how he resurrected the band prior to a lawsuit (which has since been resolved, and Sublime With Rome’s anticipated debut and their future. On the new material, Rome reveals:

“In Utah when we played our show, we had a few days. I worked out some chords and lyrics. We went into band practice and I played it for Bud and Eric. We took it from there. Those guys totally worked the Sublime into it. Nobody can ever emulate that because they are the only guys that have it. I can just sit back and not even sing or play the guitar, and just listen to Bud and Eric groove out. It’s just so tight. They have that insane groove that works within the songs. Anytime I have ideas, I’ll take it to them and we’ll chop it up and we’ll get an even better song. We’re stoked. We’ve gone into the studio to do a few demos.”

Sublime With Rome is heading into the studio next month to begin pre-production on their debut full-length album, the band’s first with new singer Rome Ramirez. Amongst a couple of greatest hits and live discs, and a box set release, Sublime’s last LP, titled Sublime, came out in 1996, shortly after the death of lead singer and guitarist Bradley Nowell.

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