Ruiner: New Drummer, release show and upcoming tours

Ruiner: New Drummer, release show and upcoming tours

ruiner1The men of Ruiner have announced they are welcoming TJ Catalfo to the Ruiner Family! He will officially be a part of the gang October 2nd, but will be playing shows the weekend around The Great American Hardcore Fest as well. Their original drummer Joey will continue to play with them up until their release show on the 26th where they’ll be celebrating the release of their new album “Hell Is Empty”.

For 2010, lead singer Rob Sullivan and Andy Rice are putting together “100 Shows in 100 Days”. Starting March 5th and ending June 22nd they will be blazing across the US, Canada and Mexico playing… you guessed it… 100 shows in 100 days, and possibly two shows in one day if needed. The dates have not been posted yet but make sure you keep checking back to their Dying Scene Shows page to see if you can catch them live.. I mean gees, you’ll have at least 100 opportunities to do it!

“Hell Is Empty” will be released on September 22nd on Bridge Nine Records.

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