RVIVR to release new EP

RVIVR to release new EP

RVIVR has announced that they are in the middle of recording a brand new EP. Here’s what co-vocalist/guitarist Mattie Jo Canino had to say about the recording process:

“This recording is exciting because we are taking a much different approach than on The Beauty Between. That was such a focused and intentional two-year process of writing and recording. Basically it took forever and lots and lots of hours. For this EP, we purposefully gave ourselves about a month to write and record. The whole thing will be a much quicker, spontaneous process. Practice is going well, we have 3 songs done so far.”

The as-of-now untitled EP will be the follow up to the band’s sophomore LP, The Beauty Between, which was released on February 25, 2013 via Rumbletowne Records.

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