Album Review: Say Anything – “Say Anything”

Album Review: Say Anything – “Say Anything”

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Before Say Anything released their new, self-titled album, fans were tantalized with the single Hate Everyone, a bitter rant about all the awful people surrounding Max Bemis, and his utter disgust with them.  A raw, but perfect example of the angst Bemis is frequently found expressing, and full of descriptive lyrics and catchy tempos that made Say Anything famous in the first place. It was a good way to start the process of hyping up the self-titled album.

The actual album starts with the song Fed to Death, which seems like an allegory for Jesus Christ, but knowing Bemis, it could mean anything. Poppy and upbeat, but containing a depth in its lyrics that perfectly contradicts the sound. The album goes on and jumps through genres like a kindergarten hopscotch tournament, while retaining a punk/emo backdrop.

There is the typical anger and dismay in the lyrics that flows out of Bemis, but unlike …Is A Real Boy, where everything will end negativity, in this album you can find positivity and hope. The song Cemetery exemplifies this, “If you want then when we die, we’ll ascend to some place way up high, if they ask, then I’m with you.” Holding on to self-deprecation, but not turning a blind eye to a better life, Max Bemis has no doubt matured since …Is A Real Boy.

Musically speaking, this album is a flawless meeting of new age pop and punk: It’s filled with guitar riffs with hooks, catchy choruses, a plethora of different genres, and experimentation. Crush’d is a electro-pop track reminiscent of something off the top 10 countdown, but there is an edge and roughness that doesn’t make it feel out of place on the album. You can also find full on assaulting guitars with songs like She Won’t Follow You and Less Cute.

Don’t give up on Say Anything. They’re back, and with a vengeance. If you’re a fan of anything the band has done, pick up this album immediately.

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