Sorority Noise parts with two members

Sorority Noise parts with two members

Connecticut emo act Sorority Noise have recently announced the departure of two of their band members – severing the group in half. However, the remaining members have stated that this does not mean the end of Sorority Noise.

Guitarist and vocalist Cam released the following statement:

If you haven’t heard, last night after our show in Boston, Kevin and Jason informed Adam and I that they would be leaving the band. There is absolutely no bad blood between any of us, we are still just as close as ever, there just comes a time when you have decide what’s right for you and do it. I can’t begin to say how incredible it was to play in a band with them, two of the most talented dudes I know and the best rhythm section in the world. 

That being said, this band will continue on. Scuff and I have talked and we will be playing all shows we have planned as well as a lot more in the future and continue to work on new music, most importantly, our next LP. We can’t begin to thank everyone for being so supportive and we are super excited to continue this project that started just over a year ago and wish Jason and Kevin the best in all their future endeavors, most importantly their band Queen Moo. I promise they are going to do something very, very special. 

The group’s latest release as a foursome was a 7″ split with Radiator Hospital to benefit the V-Day campaign, which was released on September 30 via Soft Speak Records.

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