Strung Out post Daytrotter session, recording new song

Strung Out post Daytrotter session, recording new song

Legendary punk rockers Strung Out posted their Daytrotter session here and have announced that they are currently recording a new song. More information will be announced soon, but for now you can check out what they had to say via Facebook.

Last Monday:

Guess what! We’re about to do a little recording tomorrow with our friend Kyle Black. We’re recording 1 song…more info to be announced on it later after the “official” news but ya, its going to be fun and we are looking forward to working with Kyle, to check his Style!!! So for now, please check this out..its our Daytrotter Session, live in the studio! Check out that cartoon of us, im not sure who is who but, i know that bearded guy is Steel Wolf! Our fill in bass player we had while Chris was taking some time off to become amazing! Tell us what you think of this session ok…enjoy!”


Got some drums all finished up yesterday in the studio. Me, Rob, Jake and engineer/producer Kyle Black hanging after wrapping things up. Guitars and bass today, vocals tomorrow. Should be a sweet sounding track! More news about this song to come once the official press release goes out.

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