The Braces post track-by-track of “Two Years”

The Braces post track-by-track of “Two Years”

California pop-punk act The Braces have teamed up with Property of Zack to break down and discuss the inspiration and meaning behind each song on their newest album, Two Years, which just came out earlier this week via Paper + Plastick. Below is an excerpt on the first three tracks:

Reasons Not To Hate Everything
Sometimes you need to go into your past to explain who you are and how you got that way. Being the designated benchwarmer in every sport I played was one of the main reasons I started skateboarding and listening to punk, for every reason I had to hate everything, I would find a new reason not to. This was the last song we wrote for the record, the goal was to make a song that felt cumulative of everything leading up to the two years these songs are about, that could be the introduction for the tone and mood set by the other songs on the record. I’m not talking about being 10 years old because I’m trying to reminisce about missing cartoons to sit on a bench or in the outfield. I’m talking about it because if that isn’t what happened, this record wouldn’t exist. 

Maintaining friendships is hard when you feel like you constantly have to please an audience of people. I was really busy at school and I was having a hard time managing the constant work-flow with a failing relationship. I didn’t have time for anything else and a friend of mine wasn’t willing to accept that the reason I didn’t talk to them as often was because of that. It lead to an argument and eventual falling out. This song came out of all of that. 

I was listening to “…and out come the wolves” in my car and the cd was scratched so it kept skipping and looping the same part, I realized that a scratched cd was a lot like how I felt at the time. Repeating my mistakes and not learning from them. I was scratching at a scratch. I came to the conclusion that it’s better to just accept that I am who I am and whatever mistakes I make are inevitable, it is how I deal with those mistakes that makes me who I am.

You can check out the rest of the commentary right here.

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