The Briggs van stolen

The Briggs van stolen

the-briggsThis is sort of interesting.  Turns out The Briggs had their van stolen while on tour only to have it recovered by police after a high speed chase.  Here’s the story from the band themselves:

WELCOME TO CANADA! So we drive into Canada today, stop for a bite to eat, only to find our van and trailer gone! Some piece of S*&# stole our van and luckily thanks to some good samaritans who saw them do it. Called the cops, they caught up with him and they ended up in a high speed chase messing up our van and trailer pretty good along the way. He fled on foot and unfortunately got away!

The Briggs are currently working their way through North America on their “Come All You Mad Men Tour”.  You can check out the tour dates on the Dying Scenes Shows page.

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