The Dying Scene Sessions with Joey Briggs (of The Briggs): Redux

The Dying Scene Sessions with Joey Briggs (of The Briggs): Redux

Here at Dying Scene, we’ve teamed up with the guys over at to bring you our first ever exclusive content series which we’ve dubbed the Dying Scene Sessions (yeah, we’re starting to feel like actual professionals!) The series will feature acoustic sets from some of our favorite punk acts and we’re stoked to start the series off with a performance by The Briggs lead singer Joey Briggs.

We thought the first post was so good that we had to do it all over again…But this time with something a little different. Consider this one the iTunes deluxe version because we’ve included a 5th, unreleased video of Joey performing a song solo and outdoors! But the best part of this is that it’s free! During the Sessions, he performs a couple of songs off his debut solo release Politics, Touring, And Self-Loathing, as well as a cover of a traditional Irish folk song. You can check out the 4 videos and the unreleased one here.

Check out for tons of live performances from the best bands in punk rock!

Joey Briggs – “Bottom Of A Beer”

Joey Briggs – “So Let Down”

Joey Briggs – “Classify”

Joey Briggs – “Suburban Kid”

Joey Briggs – “All For Me Grog”

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