The Flatliners recording new album

The Flatliners recording new album

fat17The Flatliners have been in the studio for the last 4 weeks recording their newest album and apparently they are almost finished.  Below is the update from the band:

Things are certainly going well, and we’re so close I can taste it. We’re done all the “musicality” for the songs, and most of the vocals. There’s only one song to sing now, so we’ve started to getting crazy here people. Paul and I embraced our inner flower-children yesterday and had a full on drum circle happening. Aside from us wearing cotton/polyester textiles, it was real tribal. We had our friend Mich Verrier (Cavaliers, The Expos) come in to lend his talents behind the keys for a few songs, and it sounds so smooooooth. We were also lucky enough to get the lovely Britton Allison (Cavaliers, mega-babe) to sing a little bit for us. And we’ve been jamming on a baritone guitar here and there, because we secretly want to be Korn. Sorry to say it folks, but Nu-Metal is coming back, and we’re at the forefront.

The Flatliners released their last full length “Great Awake” on Fat Wreck Chords in 2007 and more recently contributed to half of a 7 inch split with the Ceremonial Snips.

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