The Living End tour, award, and release

The Living End tour, award, and release

adeline3The Living End just returned home from their second European tour….but they aren’t home for long! They head back to Europe not once, but twice this year.  To find one of the many places these Aussie boys will be, check out the bands Dying Scene show’s section.

On June 23rd Chris Cheney won the very prestigious APRA Song of the Year award for their upcoming album “White Noise”; this is the single biggest peer voted award in Australia. Chris expresses his appreciation for the award with the following statement:

I am absolutely overwhelmed to have won the APRA Song of the Year. It’s a great honor to receive such a prestigious award and having not been nominated before makes this all the more special. Writing songs is a very personal and rewarding experience for me and so for “White Noise” to be recognized in such a way by my peers is very humbling.”

Speaking of “White Noise”, the album will be released on Adeline Records July 22nd in the US (September 15th for you Canadians).

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