The Offspring want you to ask them a question

The Offspring want you to ask them a question

Earlier today, The Offspring posted a message on their Facebook page, which wants you (yeah, that’s right, you) to ask them at least one question. To do that, they want you to record a video of yourself asking them a question and post it on YouTube so they can “easily find it”. They write:

“Hey Offspring Fans!

Ever wanted to ask The Offspring a question? Well, the band will be answering your questions when they hit the road in Europe in May!

Just record yourself asking your question on video and upload it to YouTube. Title your video “Fan Asks The Offspring” so we can easily find it. The band will answer the best and most original questions, so be sure to stand out!”

The Offspring released their latest album, Days Go By, on Columbia Records in June of last year, and they appear to have another album in the works. The band recently announced that they are free agents, thus ending their long-term contract with Columbia. There has even been a petition that’s asking NOFX founder Fat Mike to sign The Offspring to his label Fat Wreck Chords, which you can sign here.

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