The Swellers do a split release with Metallica?

The Swellers do a split release with Metallica?

fueled-by-ramen-logo19So this is pretty interesting…  Metallica are appearing on a 7″ split with The Swellers.  Accidentally, that is.  Drummer Jonathan Diener explains:

“Today we received our test pressings from Paper & Plastick for our new 7” with the songs “Welcome Back Riders” and “Montreal Screwjob”…  Side A was awesome, the song sounded great. Then we flipped it, put the needle on, then heard applause… we didn’t have that on our song. Then we hear “I am iron man” …what the fuck?  We then realized, it was Metallica covering the song “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath on both copies of the 7″ instead of our song “Montreal Screwjob”. We even looked at the etching on the vinyl, one side said the swellers, other had a release listing with MET00 then the number of the release.”

The band will be keeping the 2 test press copies and suspects Metallica is scratching their collective heads over the fact that a random punk song is appearing on their own test copies.

The “Welcome Back Riders” 7 inch is a precursor to The Swellers full-length album “Ups and Downsizing”, which will be released September 29th on Fueled By Ramen.

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