The Vandals win round one in battle vs. Corporate America

The Vandals win round one in battle vs. Corporate America

Score one for the punks!

As we first told you about back in April of last year, OG OC punks The Vandals are being sued by Variety magazine. It seems the Hollywood entertainment mag took offense to the fact that the boys mimicked their logo for the cover art of the band’s 2004 “Hollywood Potato Chip” release (which can be seen on the left of this article). As a result, Variety sued The Vandals in a Delaware court for $50,000 for alleged violation of a prior cease and desist order. The band argues that A)the case should be argued in a California court as that is where the primary players are based and B)they band themselves had nothing to do with violating the order.

Chalk the first victory in the case up to the good guys! Joe Escalante, who doubles as both the Vandals’ lawyer and their bass player, successfully fought to have the case moved to a California federal court, which is much more convenient for Escalante, a Loyola Law grad.

The Vandals put together a fun little video gloating about Variety’s loss. Watch it here. Also, you can read more about the particulars of the case right here.

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