The Years Gone By Leave Rise Records

The Years Gone By Leave Rise Records

The Years Gone bySeeing it as the next logical step towards pushing their career forward, The Years Gone By are parting with Rise Records. The band had nothing negative to say about the label, but states:

After having one of the supposedly highest regarded pop-punk releases of last year and not seeing one single opportunity come from it, it was a choice we had to make…We thought that signing to a label would only help further our exposure with their connections and drive to want us to succeed. We now know, that we need to surround ourselves with the people who share the same goals and dreams that we possess.

There is no information yet on where the band plans to make their new home, but we’ll keep you informed of any updates.

The Years Gone By’s album “Forever Comes Too Soon” was released September 2, 2008, on Rise Records.

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